Arliss Alert! VOLTAIRE (1933) to air on TCM (US) on July 12 at 4:45 PM EDT

For US viewers, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will air Mr. A’s hit biopic VOLTAIRE on Thursday, July 12, as part of the channel’s celebration leading up to Bastille Day on the 14th. This terrific film will be shown at 4:45 PM eastern daylight time. VOLTAIRE had been a story that Mr. A had wanted to play since 1919 but was never able to find sufficient financial support for it. Perhaps producers feared that the subject was too “high brow” for movie-goers. But to Warner Bros.’s credit, the studio decided to move forward with project. They need not have worried – Mr. A turned in a canny and hilarious performance as the French philosopher and wit – proving again the historical biographies could be very humorous and very profitable, at least in Mr. A’s hands.

VOLTAIRE provided Mr. A with his most unique character unlike his other historical roles where he plays great gentlemen. His Voltaire is a scamp who gets himself in trouble with the king and faces imprisonment. Mr. A is supported by a great cast including Doris Kenyon, Alan Mowbray, Reginald Owen, and the members of the “Arliss stock company,” Ivan Simpson, Doris Lloyd, Murray Kinnell, among other familiar faces.

Don’t miss it!

Arliss Alert! VOLTAIRE on TCM this Saturday 7/14 @ 5:45 am EDT

Celebrate Bastille Day this Saturday morning, July 14th, by watching (or recording) VOLTAIRE (1933), your blogmeister’s favorite biopic starring Mr. A. The time is a bit early even if you’re on the east coast – 5:45 am EDT – but that’s why dvr, tivo, etc. were invented. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is the fortunate channel but if you’re scheduling your timer, be aware that TCM dates everything up to 6 am as the previous day so TCM lists VOLTAIRE as airing on July 13 at 5:45 am EDT even though we know it’s really July 14th at 5:45 am. We prefer to think of this as test to determine whether we’re smart enough to view a George Arliss film, but we’ll all get a passing grade!

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