Arliss Alert! THE KING’S VACATION (1933) on TCM Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018 @ 5:15 PM ET

The people of a country rise up to oust their leader and he goes into exile. This may sound a little like today’s news but actually it’s the plot of THE KING’S VACATION, which is being shown by Turner Classic Movies (US) this Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 5:15 PM eastern time.

One of the most charming films that Mr. A ever made, the story has the distinction of being the only one that Warner Bros. specifically commissioned for George Arliss. His nine other Warners films were either based on his stage successes or were remakes of his silent films.

GA with Dudley Digges, who was once Mr. A’s stage manager:

Ernest Pascal provided the story and spent time with Mr. A at St. Margaret’s Bay near Dover working on it. Later, Mr. A wrote that he was happy to find that much of the charm of St. Margaret’s was reflected in the film. A humorous and poignant story, Mr. A plays a reluctant king who years earlier was forced into a marriage of state and whose marriage at the time was annulled.

GA with O.P. Heggie. Notice the microphone above Mr. A’s head:
The jacket today:

Abdicating in the face of revolution, the king tries to pick up where he left off 20 years earlier with his former wife and his now-grown daughter. An adult story in the true sense of the term, THE KING’S VACATION deserves to be much better known so please grab this opportunity to see it or record it. You won’t be disappointed!

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  1. I purchased the DVD of The King’s Vacation some time ago, and have nearly worn it out! It is so delightful in so many ways: acting superb. Florence has a great role and I’m so glad she wins him back after his silly wife want only superficial wealth and show in her life; he just wants something peaceful and genuine with the woman he really loves. WISHING THEY’D MAKE A DVD OF DISRAELI. How come they haven’t? I have an old VHS tape, but want something more permanent as I am guessing every Arliss fan does! Any news on that??

  2. What a delightful movie this is! I hadn’t seen it in years. Arliss’ performance, so subtle and charming, makes you realize why he was such a big star. It also really gives the lie to suggestions that his characters were always the same — on the contrary, this gentle king could hardly be more different than the stricken musician in The Man Who Played God or (my favorite) Nathan Rothschild. I certainly recommend this entertaining film to anybody.

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