Happy Birthday, Mr. A!

April 10, 1868 fell on Good Friday –
an appropriate date for the birthday of the Man Who Played God.

“If I could imagine a nice birthday party, I would invite…..

“Thank you, gentlemen, for attending my 144th Birthday party. I’m glad to find that we still fit into our Disraeli wardrobe.”

David Torrence, Mr. A, and Ivan Simpson in DISRAELI (1929)

“Mr. Disraeli, I promise not to wear this hat if you promise to invite me to your birthday party.”

Doris Lloyd and Mr. A in DISRAELI

“Bungler! This birthday party invitation is addressed to Disraeli and I’m Voltaire.”

Alan Mowbray and Mr. A in VOLTAIRE (1933)

“Bungler! That birthday party invitation is addressed to Voltaire.”

“Rothschild, I told you that I’m not signing Mr. A’s birthday card!”

Mr. A and Boris Karloff in THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD (1934)

“After ten years of lessons you don’t know how to play, ‘Happy Birthday’?”

Mr. A and Bette Davis in THE MAN WHO PLAYED GOD (1932)

“When we arrive at the party, I’ll introduce you as my niece, do you understand? My niece!”

Mr. A and Lesley Wareing in THE IRON DUKE (1934)

“Sir, this is, uh, my niece, yes that’s it, my niece.”

Mr. A, Margaret Lockwood and John Loder in DOCTOR SYN (1937)

“I wonder if Rothschild could get me into this party?”

Mr. A as Shylock in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE (1928-on the stage)

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